cen' - tro - py

bringing underutilized assets of an organization to the center of attention and leveraging them for full benefit

Centropy Group

Centropy Group
  • Develops momentum and energy to drive the execution of new ideas
  • Redefines business objectives to meet new business opportunities
  • Help clients identify key assets that can be repurposed into new productive directions
  • Bringing underutilized assets of an organization to the center of attention and leveraging them for full benefit

What is Centropy?

Most organizations have assets, both intangible and tangible, that are unknown, underused or just ignored. As a result, these assets - this valuable matter and energy source of the organization - are being allowed to slowly degrade. The goal of the Centropy Group is to help companies capture these assets from the hidden corners in an organiztion and bring them to the center, where they can be fully leveraged for growth. Accomplishing this, the organization thus moves from a state of entropy to a state of what we call "Centropy".

"Every company is always searching for good ideas but often struggle to put these ideas into motion. Often times there isn't the "spark" within an organization or the momentum to step up and "just do it".

Companies know where they have succeeded, but often can't seem to build on their success in the future. Old plans are abandoned in wholesale droves, without consideration to those elements of past efforts that could have proven fruitful if only they had the right positioning and momentum to drive new results."

Peter C. Walts, CEO

How We Get to Centropy

Centropy is a state of effectiveness that originated in the combination of three concepts: centripetal force, entropy and energy.

Centripetal Force

an active force whose direction is towards a center. Movement that tends or causes to approach the center of a solution.


A measure of the disorder of a system or organization. Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system, society or organization due to lack of movement and activity.


The capacity of a physical system to do work; enterprising or ambitious drive; Internal or inherent power, capacity of acting, operating or producing an effect.